Question: @jhuizy by cloudformation "scripts" do you mean cloudformation templates? i ask because we use bash scripts to launch our cloudformation stacks. :slightly_smiling_face: ... and we tend to break up our templates both by lifecycle and project. so iam resources are in one set of templates, security groups are in another set of templates, applications in another set, etc

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2017-08-02 11:54:44

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jhuizy 2017-08-02 11:56:04 haha yes I mean templates yea I am doing a similar thing where I use a bash script to handle deployment of the template/stack
krawat001c 2017-08-02 16:30:51 yes, we are currently, lambda is invoked through HTTP request from browser using AWS endpoint! thats in memory.
nitheeshp 2017-08-02 17:01:39 AWS has limitations of number of instance you can run . If you want more you need to call them right ? [August 1st, 2017 3:56 PM] anju: absolute shocker for me. someone hacked into my aws account
chuck 2017-08-02 17:06:58 We shard out security groups and resources into separate templates. Makes changeset generation faster and more granular.
jarret.peterson 2017-08-02 17:17:57 @nitheeshp No, you can just request form the amazon console
randywallace 2017-08-02 20:43:57 This is why on my personal account I have it locked down with MFA and whatnot on the root account and a budget in place that emails me if the projected billing for the month is within 80% of $20
pythonfu 2017-08-02 23:58:46 Anyone else seeing EC2 issues in us-east-1d? hmm apparently RDS also tanked
jarret.peterson 2017-08-03 00:13:31 Yes, it looks like there are issues in us-east-1 EC2 networking issues, but it appears that those are almost all resolved Redshifrt as well They are working on the issue AWS is reporting them
konrad 2017-08-03 00:55:29 If I use S3 to regularly upload zipped directory for backup and use versioning in order to be able to go back in time is there any disadvantage compared to using different objects, e.g. different name including the timestamp to differentiate them?
jhuizy 2017-08-03 01:13:58 probably only that you’d have to manually create the versioning system (ie. create a function that will list all different versions of item, and create a function that will get latest version of an item, etc…)
ayushsharma22 2017-08-03 03:10:37 Hi all. Our ELB processing cost is hitting the roof and we're trying to cut it down. Our current plan to to use Route 53 to register instances as they come up and route traffic to them, and use something else for monitoring and reporting/graphs. How do you guys do it?
luckymike 2017-08-03 03:23:45 +:100: to that above comments about splitting templates by lifecycle
amareswer 2017-08-03 03:50:34 Even we are facing issue in us-east-1
pythonfu 2017-08-03 14:36:25 If you had to recommend an NFS solution for a customer in a VPC, what would you go with? EFS? NFS Appliance on the market? Roll your own (basic nfs server from distro, gluster, etc)?
vince 2017-08-03 14:37:30 EFS if you can - just be you understand I/O requirements

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