Question: Then sgtm, and tbh, I didn't feel the need for generics there Interfaces seemed to be working well, where specifically would generics have helped?

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2017-07-26 21:21:40

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ashish 2017-07-26 21:22:24 I was just joking.. a simple helper function goes a long way
bradleyfalzon 2017-07-26 21:22:50 ah, so where are you using inspect if the decls are there?
ashish 2017-07-26 21:23:44 using type assertion inside Inspect this is where I got the idea from
bradleyfalzon 2017-07-26 21:26:15 perhaps i'm misunderstanding why you're walking the tree anyway, shoot me the code if you want an extra pair of eyes on it i'm doing something similar here: i figured you just wanted all exported identifiers
ashish 2017-07-26 21:28:50 sure it is kind of messy right now.. I’ll have it on GitHub after some cleanup
bradleyfalzon 2017-07-26 21:29:03 nice just a thought in case, probably already handled oh, and test any rewriting theory early, you don't want to add a comment to ast which causes all subsequent positions to change
varunksaini 2017-07-27 16:07:53 how can I search for a word in all the files in current directory (*.go file)
fatih 2017-07-27 16:10:10 one way is to set the scope of guru :GoGuruScope to the package name of that directory and call :GoReferrers . This will show all referring identifiers but only for the specific package
varunksaini 2017-07-27 16:16:37 cool, thanks Fatih
joaoh82 2017-07-28 08:24:45 @joaoh82 uploaded a file: vim python and commented: Guys, getting this weird error with Python code. Any ideas?
bradleyfalzon 2017-07-28 08:46:38 nfi, but that ch_sendraw or whatever, id grab that string and grep'd through my vim dir looking for the plugin causing it or binary search enabling/disabling my plugins to figure out which one it is
varunksaini 2017-07-28 15:28:40
vim-go: flag provided but not defined: -json^@Usage of /Users/vakumar/go/bin/gogetdoc^@  -cpuprofile string^@    ^Iwrite cpu profile to file^@  -modified^@
what I am doing wrong?
getting that for godocbrowser
allows editors to supply gogetdoc with the contents of their unsaved buffers.^@ ormat for the -modified flag consists of the file name, followed^@by a newline, the decimal file size, another newline, and the contents of the file.^@^@This ^Iread an archive of modified files from standard input^@ -pos string^@ ^IFilename and byte offset of item to document, e.g. foo.go:#123^@^@The archive f
jcbwlkr 2017-07-28 15:38:04 @varunksaini maybe run :GoUpdateBinaries . It looks like maybe you have an old version of gogetdoc
varunksaini 2017-07-28 15:38:39 oh yeah, it’s updating things now, I will let know worky now @jcbwlkr thanks, that was the issue
bradleyfalzon 2017-07-30 22:56:43 not sure if this is a repost but:

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