Question: What about generics?

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2018-01-10 22:47:48

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kale 2018-01-10 22:47:49 It's supposed to be an incremental process, eventually culminating in a Go 2 release. We're probably several years away from that.
dlsniper 2018-01-10 22:47:50 @jules4eucre read this:
exbigboss 2018-01-10 22:48:01 Oh no, the g-word
dlsniper 2018-01-10 22:48:02 oh, snap, @kale sniped that one :smile:
jules4eucre 2018-01-10 22:48:18 That's not a breaking feature right
murphy.nathanial 2018-01-10 22:48:20 We don’t talk about the g-word here
me1746 2018-01-10 22:48:31 Eh. I'd much rather type make than go build -i -o ./chip8 or C-r go build . It's not a great tool, but it's widely available and saves me some time here and there.
murphy.nathanial 2018-01-10 22:48:33 The problem is that it’s a complex beast
dlsniper 2018-01-10 22:48:44 if you want to talk about generics, read all of this:
exbigboss 2018-01-10 22:48:46 It’s a step backwards
dlsniper 2018-01-10 22:48:54 then the related proposals, then the blog post above
me1746 2018-01-10 22:49:18 Why?
exbigboss 2018-01-10 22:49:24 Basically, compiler vendors are lazy :stuck_out_tongue: Hard external dep with sketchy ports for Windows
murphy.nathanial 2018-01-10 22:49:44 Nah, there’s also the problem of the sheer number of ways you _can_ do generics
exbigboss 2018-01-10 22:49:48 go build is perfect and beautiful

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