Question: is destiny even worth playing? its a shooter co-op right?

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2017-10-25 14:07:35

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queenie 2017-10-25 14:07:56 is it worth playing if you don't have any friends
harasho 2017-10-25 14:08:09 No it’s not
lambxjapan 2017-10-25 14:08:12 <-- exhibit a
harasho 2017-10-25 14:08:25 If you have friends that can shoot the shit then sure you can get some fun out of it But you can buy more! Yeah people are super pissed that shaders are one time use Ohhhhh I see what you mean lamb
lambxjapan 2017-10-25 14:09:31 yeah and u dont get enough for a full set i heard something like that
harasho 2017-10-25 14:09:36 Yep! THE FUCK YOU FACTOR You have 4 pieces of armor and get 3 shaders
lambxjapan 2017-10-25 14:09:58 lol dick move
chowderman 2017-10-25 14:10:03 so Destiny is like an FPS mmo?
harasho 2017-10-25 14:10:09 Yeah that’s the idea chowds But with like none of the mmo features
twilightkite 2017-10-25 14:10:29 In less than than 3 hours with Destiny 2 it feels much more refreshingly like Guild Wars with guns than Destiny 1 ever did
chowderman 2017-10-25 14:10:41 i always thought it was like a one dimensional thing like playing halo or SW Force Awakens or something
harasho 2017-10-25 14:10:44 With terrible UX
twilightkite 2017-10-25 14:10:46 lolol
chowderman 2017-10-25 14:11:02 like gears or something
harasho 2017-10-25 14:11:11 Definitely ran around for an hour thinking we were doing the story but turns out nope, we were doing random shit

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