Question: Hey guys - the devs created a default 404 backend page for our services, but when I replace the image from nginx ingress default backend it breaks with no error messages just doesn’t work any ideas ?

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2017-11-24 09:11:37

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hannes.petri 2017-11-24 09:13:49 Hmm, maybe if the image resource is also 404, it goes into a loop?
amulholland 2017-11-24 09:14:16 hmm
cprenzberg 2017-11-24 09:14:22 not yet but works pretty well in all of our other environments
hannes.petri 2017-11-24 09:14:36 Cool, thanks!
manoj.clsd.kumar 2017-11-24 09:17:07 has anyone ever got kubelego to work with gcloud?
adrukh 2017-11-24 09:21:55 Yup, works for me on gke (gclb ingress controllers, not nginx) Also, check #kube-lego
cprenzberg 2017-11-24 09:27:23 could someone give some input here? zookeeper statefulsets?
steffen603 2017-11-24 09:36:31 Good Morning! What’s the best way to run a job after a container is (re)scheduled ? write a initializer, sidecar? or is there something more simple?
amulholland 2017-11-24 09:40:14 @steffen we do postStart commands in the containers spec. f.x
              - "./"
              - "-c"
              - "/bin/sh"
Will run each time pod starts    
steffen603 2017-11-24 09:42:00 @amulholland I also read that. I need to run another container/job after the container is createrd. postStart ony runs within the container right ?
amulholland 2017-11-24 09:42:32 Ahh my apologies. I’m not sure about that.
steffen603 2017-11-24 09:43:17 the usecasre would be running a django search index creation after the elasticsearch cotainer container is (re)scheduled helm has hooks to run containers after a updated deployment ( ) but I don’t think that works for re-scheduling the container on a differnt host
santosh 2017-11-24 09:48:56 Hi all!! I'm new to kubernetes, and i'm trying to deploy on gke. I'd like to setup logging with kibana and elasticsearch. I've seen various tutorials, but couldn't find one. Can anyone please help me out
dongklee 2017-11-24 10:01:32 Hi all :smile: @dongklee uploaded a file: rc.yml and commented: my deployment and podpreset yaml file It seems AdmissionController could not link PodPreset to Pod that is defined at Deployment yml. Is there any example of using PodPreset along with Deployments? I found some docs on google about PodPreset and Pod only.
bradley.hession 2017-11-24 10:05:46 Whats the easiest way to monitor how many queries per second kube-dns is handling?

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