Question: in the headless one?

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2018-02-01 19:13:27

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drkchill 2018-02-01 19:13:28 an error in node, terminates the pod
grampelberg 2018-02-01 19:13:36 yes and the dns would be cr2-qa-0.cr2-qa
edmondo.porcu 2018-02-01 19:14:28 yeah that's the dns I am using
jpds 2018-02-01 19:20:42 The best thing to do, is to test it, measure it with something like Prometheus and see
saxon.stiller 2018-02-01 19:31:28 hello, i was wondering if there's any recommended way to limit/stop a cronjob from retrying. specifically i have a cronjob with a failing job -- for the job i have .spec.backoffLimit set to 3 and .spec.template.spec.restartPolicy set to Never . after 3 quick retries it does backoff, but then maybe a minute later the cronjob seems to try again (with another round of 3 failures) looking at the logs, it looks like the cron retries for about an hour or so, then gives up. is there a way to limit how long it tries for? thanks!
josef.akinc 2018-02-01 19:34:19 am i understanding this right - if you update a deployment, the old replicasets are scaled to 0 and kept around indefinitely with no limit by default?
mauilion 2018-02-01 19:34:59 There is a default limit now I think But really it's rarely an issue.
josef.akinc 2018-02-01 19:36:37 im getting started with kubernetes, and i saw all these old replicasets hanging around
mauilion 2018-02-01 19:37:23 .spec.revisionhistorylimit is the trick There aren't pods running behind or anything The replica sets are really just the config
josef.akinc 2018-02-01 19:38:31 that makes a lot of sense
rohimma 2018-02-01 19:38:41 so i just found out that ReadWriteMany is not supported by cloud providers.. make your own storage cluster? wat are you all using for storage on cloud providers? (using nfs on bare metal cluster..)
mauilion 2018-02-01 19:39:14 Redis Cassandra mongo etcd Anything but rwx storage
rohimma 2018-02-01 19:39:45 and for images / videos ?
mauilion 2018-02-01 19:39:50 S3 Or cdn Or minio
simon757 2018-02-01 19:41:22 I have machine learning models that are stored on AWS EFS (nfs) storage to be shared by multiple pods to load at startup time

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