Question: what's your session driver?

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2017-07-22 14:21:45

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lloy0076 2017-07-22 14:21:49
 31         Route::get('/foo', function () {
wrapped in an 'auth' route. Second 'bar' doesn't see the added variable.
38 }); 37 dd(Session :: all()); 36 Route :: get('/bar', function () { 35 34 }); 33 dd(Session :: all()); 32 \Session :: put('test', 'bar');
dylan.dpc 2017-07-22 14:22:08 hmm create an issue on framework repo
lloy0076 2017-07-22 14:22:31 I'm not on the latest, though; that's a 5.4.
 874             "version": "v5.4.28",
873 "name": "laravel/framework",
gostwow 2017-07-22 14:23:21 Does Laravel Shift usually come out fast after a major release?
sven 2017-07-22 14:24:16 Shift isn't an official Laravel product, you're better off asking @ gonedark on Twitter :simple_smile:
sam_bennett 2017-07-22 14:25:20 I am on 5.4.30 and just changed to 5.4.20 and still happening.
lloy0076 2017-07-22 14:25:38 OMG - second answer to this SO - when I put a Session::save() in my above foo route it works :disappointed: (after the put) @sam_bennett - try Session::save() :stuck_out_tongue:
sven 2017-07-22 14:27:30 Ah, probably because of the dd() :smile: That's actually really good to know :stuck_out_tongue:
lloy0076 2017-07-22 14:29:21 Yeah.
dylan.dpc 2017-07-22 14:29:33 :joy:
lloy0076 2017-07-22 14:29:36 A "Heisenbug" isn't it? One of the bugs that appear only in debugging?
sam_bennett 2017-07-22 14:30:29 Save now makes it persistent. Which is great but my clear method won't get rid of the bugger.
lloy0076 2017-07-22 14:31:42 (you're not doing a dd or something after the clear are you? If so you might need to put a save after that...or change to using dump which doesn't just make the framework fall over). It's up with an "OMG why didn't I see that it's so obvious when one finds it" though.
sam_bennett 2017-07-22 14:34:04 No, I just logged out and in again and it is working properly.
dylan.dpc 2017-07-22 14:34:13 :slightly_smiling_face:

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