Question: Check your logs?

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2018-02-16 17:37:00

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logdantv 2018-02-16 17:37:44 no logs lol like nothing has been printed there
36864 2018-02-16 17:37:49 Actually, have you tried setting your mail driver to log and see if that works?
logdantv 2018-02-16 17:38:08 oh, let me try that
spspasov 2018-02-16 17:38:10 @logdantv Which logs are you checking?
logdantv 2018-02-16 17:38:16 laravel.log
spspasov 2018-02-16 17:38:36 Maybe check the server logs as well?
logdantv 2018-02-16 17:38:44 give me a sec
spspasov 2018-02-16 17:38:46 Not sure if anything should be there, but worth a shot What are you using for sending the emails? SMTP? Sendmail?
logdantv 2018-02-16 17:41:02 im absolutely getting nothing in the logs nothing was left on the logs im using mailgun
spspasov 2018-02-16 17:42:23 Okay In which file I mean. Where do you set the driver and other stuff like password and user?
logdantv 2018-02-16 17:43:21 .env and mai.php
spspasov 2018-02-16 17:43:37 Either use one or the other.
logdantv 2018-02-16 17:43:39 also in my services the key oh, using the 2 causes conflict?
spspasov 2018-02-16 17:43:51 Well And for not posting your secrets and passwords on git There's no point in using both. .env file is used when you want to have different settings for different environments. The .env file just overrides w/e is in the conf file
36864 2018-02-16 17:45:06 Only if the config file is set to pull the values from env [February 16th, 2018 5:43 PM] spspasov: The .env file just overrides w/e is in the conf file

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