Question: @frittenkeez it was an Nginx configuration issue or it is with Passport 5.0 ? (planning to also upgrade to 5.6 with Pasport 5.0)

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2018-04-06 10:52:16

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frittenkeez 2018-04-06 10:52:51 Nginx doing weird things
kslimani 2018-04-06 10:53:47 Allright, thx for the feedback :+1:
frittenkeez 2018-04-06 11:02:53 Apparently it’s basic auth exclusions in nginx which changes POST to GET…
bakir 2018-04-06 11:32:32 what would be the best way to track online users with laravel passport? I was thinking to listen to the AccessTokenCreated event and then saving that information in a separate table in a database. That would also require a last_activity field in the table which would be updated with every request (can create a middleware for this one).
pvaka035 2018-04-13 17:24:05 Hi, I can't figure out what is wrong with my config. found the issue, the oauth_client should have personal_access_client value set to 0 in the database for this to work. If I modify the identifier to return code my request is valid @pvaka035 uploaded a file: League\OAuth2\Server\Grant\AuthGrandCode.php But I get invalid_client exception, client_id 1 is a personal access client. http:///oauth/authorize?client_id=1&redirect_uri=&response_type=code&state=xx should give me a valid access_code in the response.
eimantas 2018-04-18 15:46:50 Hello, I am trying to solve an issue with laravel passport oauth provider/client. Can’t seem to find any solutions online focusing on this kind of scenario Basically I need to share auth state between and so user does not need to enter authentification details when OAuth authentifaction is initiated by 3rd party. How do I login via passport generating token and making to be aware that this user is already logged in? User logins to , gets access token, everything works. Then I initiate OAuth flow from to to get access token and everything works, but user is initialy is redirected to to login, because laravel thinks user is not logged in, so it needs to do double login in this case. Issue is: But I want to integrate another app: to allow users to login with accounts. When user logs into , issues a token and works as a standart laravel api consumer. - this needs to be a laravel oauth consumer via socialite. - laravel backend oauth provider ` - angular spa application My current setup is:
ziming.lan 2018-04-20 11:49:20 After installing passport. This new file appeared for me.
echo $key->saveToAsciiSafeString(), "\n";
$key = Key::createNewRandomKey();
        require $file;
    if (file_exists($file)) {
foreach ([__DIR__ . '/../../../autoload.php', __DIR__ . '/../vendor/autoload.php'] as $file) {
use Defuse\Crypto\Key;
 #!/usr/bin/env php
This is the contents of that file:
Should I commit this file to the git repository and what does it do?
generate-defuse-key in bin folder.
mubbi_qureshi 2018-04-26 11:46:39 I am trying to use Laravel Passport + Vue for user login using grant_type=password. help me, how can i deal with that exception handling so i can get 401 response on wrong user id pass. = 500 internal error response body = Vue Component = Controller Here are my codes: What i want is that 401 error data with 401 header instead of 500. But i am getting "500 Internal Server Error" and in its body i am getting that 401 bad request json.
jamosaur 2018-04-26 14:26:41
Client error: `POST  ` resulted in a `401 Unauthorized` response:\n{\"error\":\"invalid_credentials\",\"message\":\"The user credentials were incorrect.\"}\n
ziming.lan 2018-04-27 05:26:02 I'm keep getting this error with Laravel Passport when I post to /oauth/token with POSTMAN scope => '' means what btw? Is okay I solved my issue by not doing a direct post Thanks!
                'scope' => '*',
                'client_secret' => 'censored',
                'client_id' => 'censored',
                'password' => request('password'),
                'username' => request('username'),
                'grant_type' => 'password',
            'form_params' => [
$response = $http->post(config('app.url') . '/oauth/token', [
// config('app.url') returns https://my-site.test - Run valet secure to make the site https Things I have done: cURL error 60: SSL certificate problem: unable to get local issuer certificate (see )
nacouzigeorge 2018-05-01 16:09:23 hello guys please guide me i am authenticating users via laravel passport and i want to show them what sessions are currently active what is the best way to check if the user is from mobile or web ... and so on how to check active session from tokens?
gareth.pursehouse 2018-05-01 18:40:13 is it possible to define what schema in postgres that Passport will use? I can't find anything online or looking through it
frittenkeez 2018-05-07 13:01:34 I’m curious as to why there isn’t a grant type for personal access tokens? Basically like password grant but without revealing client id and secret 2018-05-15 13:10:59 I have a Vue SPA ( ) and Laravel for back-end ( ) - both on the same domain, but different subdomains. I want to implement Passport for authorization. My choice is Password Grant , am I right?
jamosaur 2018-05-15 13:24:35 that's what i use yeh

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