Question: Hi everyone, interested in working on a fun sports BOT startup? We’re looking for a full-stack engineer to assist us. Check the job description below: @jan560 uploaded a file: pb-job-fullstack-1.pdf

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2018-05-04 17:21:28

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lukepolo 2018-05-04 17:21:52 ha, sounds pretty cool
dylan.dpc 2018-05-04 17:27:29 perl :open_mouth:
lukepolo 2018-05-04 17:32:24 whats wrong with perl?~
SLACK 2018-05-04 18:03:34 @adibhanna commented on @jan560 ’s file pb-job-fullstack-1.pdf : Hey! Is Perl a requirement for this job? or can it be done without it? > Preferred Skills (will train upon hire): @marlinf commented on @jan560 ’s file pb-job-fullstack-1.pdf : their paragraph separation leaves much to be desired, but this is above the perl bit, so it seems optional:
cronix 2018-05-04 20:01:10 It helps week out companies we don’t want to work for too. Apparently it’s ok to use sex in an ad for a job, as long as no one comments on it.
jan560 2018-05-04 20:16:17 Optional [May 4th, 2018 2:03 PM] : @adibhanna commented on @jan560 ’s file pb-job-fullstack-1.pdf : Hey! Is Perl a requirement for this job? or can it be done without it?
codebyjeff 2018-05-04 22:20:55 That's also correct. I didn't see the point of using that model for their site that way.
vanzhilov.zh 2018-05-05 08:47:41 anybody from Malta? Hey guys, I’ve just started to learn Laravel but I also have 2 years experience with php, sql, Yii2, backend development. Maybe somebody need a developer? Looking for a part-time project.
SLACK 2018-05-05 16:48:50 @olaf.broms commented on @jan560 ’s file pb-job-fullstack-1.pdf : i imagine thats the legacy codebase?
rowanxmas 2018-05-05 18:26:36 @cronix Daniel Wellington, the company in question, seems to be a Swedish company that sells high-end / luxury watches. This photo is indicative of all the imagery on their site, and the overall brand of the company. This was not (from what I can tell) a “sex in an ad for a job”, in fact, the image in question seems to be the random image that Slack pulled in from the website.
cronix 2018-05-05 18:27:58 cool I can only go by what shows up
rowanxmas 2018-05-05 18:36:24 Well, you can also abstain from inappropriate comments in general, and you can also take a minute to look up the company in question. I realize this is a relatively minor issue for you, but this is a channel that helps people build their careers. The least we can do is say nothing if something isn’t relevant to helping people find #work .
cronix 2018-05-05 18:47:18 Thanks for expressing your opinion And feel free to keep carrying on about it if you wish
rowanxmas 2018-05-05 18:59:38 Not to worry! I think that this slack group could benefit from adopting a code of conduct, and enforcing it. Would be interested to see if you would agree that that would be beneficial.
mattb 2018-05-06 22:45:26 I'm looking for a PHP developer (laravel) for a part-time role at a wearable tech startup on-site in Chicago. DM me for more info!

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